Winter Shoots

Earlier this week it was beautiful, sunny and 12 degrees (Celsius)! Then yesterday a huge winter storm hit, and we are now covered in snow again and it was back to feeling like -30. Of course, today I had an on location shoot, so I was up early today and ventured down to Korea Town to shoot with my model. I calculated the time wrong and was there half an hour early, so it was a long, cold wait. Things got better when we started to shoot. It was so cold though, and I couldn’t feel my fingers to change my camera settings, but it was a lot of fun! We found a neat barred fence, then we went around Korea Town and took some photos with some of the stores in the background and in the end we got some really fun shots.Once the wind stopped blowing and we were right under the sun, it wasn’t as bad, plus we were pretty absorbed in what we were doing. I think it was the shortest shoot for both of us ever, but we will be collaborating again soon! This weekend I’m heading downtown again for a shoot with my friend who’s starting her own business, but I’m excited that it’s going to warm up again by that point.

Also, tomorrow I’m getting some new equipment to start a mini studio at home! I’m looking forward to playing with them, so there will probably be some new photos up here soon from my playing around!

Anyways, that’s whats new with photography this week.


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