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I am currently swamped. So many assignments and personal events happening lately that I feel I am having a hard time finding a balance. So I came to Starbucks, where I am writing this post. This is my first time actually coming to a coffee shop to do homework. It’s relaxing! Before I started this post, I was writing an essay as a make up assignment for a missed in class assignment but I left my point form notes at home, so I will finish up when I get back. I also need to work on an assignment for Sociology. We had 6 weeks, we are down to two and I haven’t done anything. I’m having a hard time keeping up with that class online because I have so much happening in my program right now.
Today we did a “soft goods” assignment. This is basically an off figure clothing shoot. I chose to do a Hollister sweater and I found it to be a pretty quick and easy shoot since I wasn’t dealing with wrinkles. For portrait, we are learning about flash. This is a bit hard for me to understand, but I’ve learned to be patient with myself since I also had a hard time learning to shoot in manual last semester and now it’s second nature.
It’s my best friend’s birthday this week, so he’s going to be coming up for a few days, and I think we’re going to dinner, but we aren’t too sure on when yet. He’s coming up when I have school, so by the time I’m out of class, we can’t really go far anywhere.
Actually, note to self, I have a mini assignment due tomorrow that I need to do. I pray I don’t forget about it. I find that I’m so overwhelmed that I’m forgetting things lately. On top of it all, I applied to go back to the company I used to work for. It will be a different location, so I have my fingers crossed for that.


Today it seemed that everyone was having a really hard time getting to school due to being tired and not feeling like it. I wasn’t tired this morning, but I truly just didn’t want to go anywhere. In the few short minutes it took me to write this, I have written more than I have for my essay that’s due tomorrow and adds to 10% of my final mark! I don’t know quite what else to write about, so I guess this is it for now!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful beginning to March.

PS. I created a new instagram account for this page! Username: travelandpictures

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