Traveling as a Student

School time is among us again, and it feels weird that school days are gone for me! When I was in school however, the siren song of travel still called to me. So of course, I had to find a way to make it happen otherwise I would be going crazy.

First of all, having a trip to look forward to helps get you through the stressful times. School can be really busy and time consuming, so it’s helpful to have something to look forward to in the end. Sort of like the light at the end of the tunnel. During the school year, you get a break. Different schools have their break at different times. At my college, we only had a “reading week” during the month of February, but a few of my other friends attended schools where they also had a reading week during the fall semester in addition to the February break. Having something planned during these times can be a really good way to get away and destress.
School1 I know school is very expensive, but if you’re able to put some money away during the year dedicated to your trip, that would be a great start! Of course it also means potentially cutting back on some social activities or eating out at the over priced school cafeteria.┬áTo plan a trip doesn’t mean you have to go far away to an expensive destination either. Just heading to a new city near you for a weekend can be enough to give you something to look forward to and it helps you break away from the daily grind.
School2Also if you have student loans (such as OSAP in Ontario, Canada) if you find you have some left over money in your account at the end of a semester, you could potentially use this towards a trip.

Some schools also offer a study abroad program. I personally don’t have experience with this as it wasn’t offered to my program, but I feel that it is something to take advantage of if you have the opportunity. Sometimes schools also help plan a spring break vacation. When enough people sign up, you can get lower prices than if you went on your own!
So even though school is starting back up, there is still hope that your travel plans don’t have to come to a complete halt! Keep at it, and you’ll be on the road again before you know it!

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