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The Danish Canadian is Headed to…..

Well it is finally happening. I have been planning this trip for TWO YEARS and I am so thrilled to be able to announce that I am going to…..


That’s right, I am finally doing more than a layover at Heathrow. This will be my first solo trip overseas. I have flown to Denmark alone before, but was met at the other end. So this is a very exciting first for me!

What else is planned? Not a whole lot to be honest. I know some of the activities I want to see, and am looking up some different places for overnight accommodation. I leave Toronto on May 5th and will arrive on May 6th and will be there until May 10th!

Since I am still planning everything out, I wanted to know:

What are YOUR suggestions?
Are there any places you’d like to see in particular? Do you have any hotels/hostels that you would recommend? I am all ears! I want to hear from you 🙂

I know this post is quite short, but I am on my way back to finish homework. I will make a post soon to update where I have been! But the good news is this is my last month of school, then I will be doing this FULL TIME! I am so excited.


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