What’s Up With Amber? Summer Edition

I haven’t ┬ádone a personal update in ages, so I thought the first of a month would be a good time to catch up!

I finished my school semester in April, and I have to admit not much of anything has happened since.
Yet the time is flying by so fast I can hardly breathe.
In May, I took care of a puppy for a few days. She was going to be my birthday gift, but unfortunately she didn’t get along at all with my older, special needs pup Oliver. The day she left I got a call back for a job I had been aiming for, for months and went in for an interview. Things went fantastic and I got the job. The first day there, I didn’t want to leave. However things went south rather quickly and I began to suffer from daily crippling anxiety and panic attacks. On top of it, I was missing out on photo gigs due to my retail hours, so when I secured some other work, I was out of there, however missing a few of the coworkers I bonded with there.
I also went on a road trip to Quebec City and Ottawa and had a marvellous time going out and seeing something new.
We then discovered that my dog had to go in for an oral surgery and have his teeth removed, so we were then spending a lot of time going to consultations, examinations and getting blood work. Luckily, the surgery went easier and quicker than they had expected. Next week we just have a check up to go to, then we should be done with that chapter.
At some point between all of this, I have been working other jobs, redid this site and have been researching for my next adventure!
That’s right, one more trip will be happening before I return to school in one month from tomorrow!
I have done a lot, yet nothing at all this summer, so my aim is to make this last month really great.
I am not looking forward to school necessarily, but I am excited to see my classmates again, and get practicing again, as well as I can’t wait to graduate after this year!
There are also a lot of big plans happening for the next year, so stick around and keep up with what I am up to! (I update most frequently on Instagram if you’re interested: @travelandpictures)
That’s me in a nut shell right now. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to read about, or what you think I should do to make August really exciting, let me know!


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