Summer Travels.

Long time, no talk.

I know.

There has been a lot going on in the personal department over here, but the most exciting is… I AM EMPLOYED!
It’s for the same company I was in before, but a different (and dare I say, better) location.
Why is this so exciting you may ask?
I can finally really start saving some money for my travels!
As you may already know, I am going to Quebec and Ottawa in June, and have had hopes to visit at least one more place before the summer comes to an end. Now with a proper income again, it looks like a true possibility!

I also wanted to say, I am truly sorry for the lack of posts (interesting or otherwise) on the blog lately. I have plenty of ideas for my June trip already, but I feel like I’m running dry on past travel experiences.

If anyone would like to make a request of a place in Toronto you would like to read about, please let me know! I can easily make that happen 🙂


Wish me luck on this new life chapter and my ability to save for a fantastic end of summer trip 🙂

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