Summer to Fall Transitional Outfit Idea

Day 19 of the September blogging challenge. 

With fall on it’s way, the weather is becoming a bit trickier to prepare for. If you go out, it tends to be chilly in the mornings, but by the afternoon it can get right back into summer temperatures. If you aren’t able to change your outfit, this can leave you feeling sweaty  and uncomfortable. I have found an outfit that for me is really helpful when the weather gets like this. 


I feel that light layers are your best bet on days like these. When leaving your house in the morning wear a cardigan or button up of your choice with long sleeves and a tank top or tshirt underneath. As the day goes on and the sun gets hot, you’ll be able to tie it around your waist to cool off and it’ll still look cute! As for bottoms, I know that people either love or hate leggings, but I love them and find them so useful. If you’re going to be out in the heat, I find that pants like jeans can get quite hot. Even though leggings are black, I find them to be more breathable, yet still warm enough for the cool mornings. Finally, I love wearing flats. In this photo I’m wearing Toms, but any flats, runners, etc can tie this look together. It’s all about comfort!  

What are your go to outfits for transitional weather?

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