Sports in Our Family

Day 7 of the September blogging challenge.

I wouldn’t say that my family really has any sport traditions. My mom and her siblings played a lot of sports growing up, and soccer seemed to be a favourite. But as for where things are now, there’s not a whole lot going on.

Growing up I participated in sports such as horse back riding and Jiu Jitsu, and I’ve always been a fan of swimming.

Jiu Jitsu never really was my thing, but at least I learned to protect myself, what I learned has stayed with me all these years later.

Horse back riding was wonderful. I really enjoyed it for a few years. Eventually I had enough though, they began switching up horses and changing the lessons around and it became less enjoyable which is too bad.

Swimming I love., always have. I could swim every day if I had a pool. It’s such a great work out, and just a lot of fun.

As far as watching sports, like many families we enjoy watching the Olympics together and we typically fancy the same sports so there’s not a lot of competition over the remote. Every year I also make a point of watching Canada and Denmark play hockey together around Christmas, though I have yet to see Denmark win since I’ve started that tradition.
Soccer is also something we watch a lot of in this house. We’re sure to fly the Danish flag when they make it into the Euro Cup too!

I also enjoy watching hockey and baseball live, not quite as much on tv. My mom isn’t a fan of either of these sports so luckily I have some friends who like to accompany me to some games. 

That’s about it as far as my family’s sport “traditions” go. What types of sports do you like to participate in?

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