How to Spend Your Day at Sea

Cruises are built to have so much to offer everyone on their ships and a day at sea is the best time to check things out. On sea days, the whole ship is buzzing with excitement and when you check out the daily schedule, you’ll see there is no shortage of activities to try. Of course since everyone is essentially stuck on the ship during a sea day, you’ll have a lot of people trying to do the same things as you, so reserve things as needed and come early if need be!

Games/Activities. There are so many games for every age range on a ship. Not only is it fun to see what’s out there and participate, but it can also be fun to watch. My friend and I had some snacks and watched a bean bag toss which was actually more fun than it may sound.

Pools. Most ships have multiple pools for different ages (family, adult, children). If you’ve come with kiddos it’s fun to play around in the pool, but if you came with a friend or partner you can lounge in the adult pools!
Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship

If you want to lounge on the deck chairs, you have to get out there really early! Everyone wants to have a deck chair so you need to claim it pretty early. We never did manage to get a deck chair until our final sea day because so many people had placed towels on their chairs and were no where to be seen. The last day was a bit cloudy and rainy so we managed to snag a spot for a bit of time until the rain kicked in.

People Watch. There are so many people on a cruise ship, it’s impossible to not people watch a little bit. The best way to people watch is to watch others doing some of the offered activities! In the evenings there’s sometimes some dancing in the common area and it’s always fun to watch the people of all different ages get up and move!
Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship
Spa Services. A sea day could be a fun time to try out any spa or salon services you’ve been wanting to experience. Perhaps get a blow out and makeup application for a later dinner reservation. Just keep in mind, for the best opportunity to get a spot, be sure to call a day or two ahead to schedule your appointment otherwise you might have a long wait.

Restaurants. If you find you’ve been too busy on port days to take advantage on restaurants on ship, this could be your day. Again, you may want to book ahead a day or two in advance since this will be a busier time than most.

Balcony. If you booked a room with a  balcony (which I highly recommend) you can enjoy some time sitting on your chair and listening to the waves. Enjoy a book perhaps! It’s a really great way to escape the crowds for a bit!

There are so many fun options  for your day at sea, you’ll actually look forward to them in between your days at port! 

A huge thank you to Carnival for hosting me on the Splendor! 

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