A Snow Day in the City

Nothing is cozier than being inside your home with a hot drink, watching a storm brew outside and knowing that you have no where to be. That is my day today. I was up at 4:20am much like every other Monday to prepare for school, and at 5:42am, three minutes before departing into the cold winter morning, I saw a notice that our school was indeed closed for the day.
IMG_4670So why am I awake? I could have tried to get back to sleep. But I figured I could enjoy the quiet and darkness of the early morning and be productive. I haven’t been giving this site the love it deserves, so I thought, what else could be cozier to do than enjoying some much needed blogging. This is how I love to unwind.

Now, don’t think that I haven’t been thinking of Travel and Pictures lately, because I certainly have. I always think of blogging, and what you guys may want to read about, but when school is in action, it makes it hard to be creative in this part of my world. My creativity has to be on all the time, and between school and outside photography jobs, I run out of time in between to sit and form posts to share. I have however, started a blog and website for my photography which is an assignment for my Social Media and Marketing class, so if you want to check out what I’m up to on that end,Β it will be up and ready really soon. πŸ™‚

On a final note, there is also some really exciting plans coming together for this site for the spring! So stick around to hear more about that as details come in πŸ™‚


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