School Photography Assignments.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

What I find amazing, is how much I have learned in the past month from this program.
I’m pretty sure that every week we have at least one project going in each class, sometimes more.
Instead of feeling flustered however, I have been able to take things in stride. This is very exciting to me since the last time I was in college, I was failing three classes by this point in the semester.

So far assignment wise, we have had:
1. Brick assignment #1
2. Brick assignment #2
3. Texture shoot
4. Light direction
5. Window Light + Contact Sheet
6. Side Light
7. Contact Sheet
8. Rule of Thirds
9. Environmental Self Portrait
10. Printing Target
11. Essay Proposal
12. Essay Presentation
13/14/15. In class assignments.
Plus a quiz…
And midterms are in two weeks…. AH!

So that’s 15 assignments in the past month of school. I never actually thought about it that way… I’m really glad that I’m doing as well as I am.
I am finding these assignments really fun, which I think is helping tremendously. Except for the brick assignment……………. Any one of my peers will understand the hatred of bricks for the rest of their lives.

Today, I was supposed to be going to Nuit Blanche in Toronto, but am feeling unwell, so I think it is a day to stay at home and rest.
I will probably start to prepare for my midterms as well. I want that to be very successful.
Then off to work tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! xox

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