Salt Cave Experience

Have you ever heard of a salt cave? If you said no, you’re not alone. In the earlier part of this year I read an article which mentioned salt caves and just for the sake of it decided to see if there were any in my area. It turns out there are two. Fast forward a couple of months and a friend and I decided it could be a fun experience to try out. 

When we entered the location it was quiet and there was peaceful music playing in the background. We took off our shoes and headed in. 

The floor was covered in salt which was a bit sore to walk on (but in a nice way if that makes sense). The room had a light salt scent in the air, but nothing too strong or obvious. Two of the walls were lined with chairs, and when we arrived, only two other people were there, quietly snoring. The walls are lit from within, and there is the sound of a fountain, but it is too dark to see where it is (or maybe it was just a part of the relaxation soundtrack). A very cozy and relaxed vibe.

We chose some seats near the back of the room and settled into our chairs. They are so comfortable and hold your body just right so that you feel weightless. Once we settled in our chairs, we were able to tilt back into a laying down position. The session runs for an hour, and you can take a nap, meditate, visualize, whatever you like. About half way into our session, a woman came in and had simultaneously scheduled to have a reflexology during her time in the cave, which is something I would definitely consider next time. 

Once the hour was up, we walked out again over the salt and I found that my feet felt absolutely weightless (even without the reflexology)! 

Overall: I loved the experience. I found it was a great way to escape the busyness of life in the middle of the day and keep my mind focused on meditating (or trying to at least). Salt caves apparently have a lot of benefits for different ailments. Personally, I was hoping it would help with my sinuses. Although I only had one session so far, I did feel some benefits and will definitely go some more to try to feel the full benefits. 

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