Rockefeller Center

In August during my trip to NYC I had the opportunity to visit the Rockefeller Center. I was originally wanting to do the Sun and Stars experience where you’re able to travel to the top during the day time and evening so you have two visits in one day. However, since I was staying a long walking distance from the building, I decided that a one time up would have to do it for me this time around.
When I first got to the Rock, I was a bit confused where to go to get tickets, but when I asked for help, I was graciously directed to where I needed to go. I heard that the line is typically very long, but it didn’t take me long to get through, but I did have to wait about an hour until the time I was allowed to head up.
During the hour I walked around, connected to wifi and hung out at Starbucks. I also did some window shopping at Anthropologie.

Getting to the top was fun! They take you through security then as you stand in line to get your photo taken on a beam there are facts about the history of the building. Then past the photo area, there is a large screen with different segments playing about the building, which is fun while you wait for the elevator. Then comes the elevator! It has a clear glass top so you can look up and watch as the elevator propels you upwards. Then once you step out of the elevator, you are greeted by the view. It wasn’t until that moment that I TRULY felt that I was in New York City.
The viewing area is on three different levels, so I headed to the top first. Since I was solo, I paid to get a photo taken of my which happens on the top floor, so I figured I would start with that before I took out my gear to take my own photos. You can see the whole city from the top; it is absolutely stunning. I felt exhilarated. I am so glad I chose to get a photo of myself, however I know not everyone would spend the extra money on it.
I then ventured to the other two floors to check out the view. They control how many people can go up at a time, so it’s nice that it isn’t overly crowded when you are up there. I was sad to leave, but had many other things planned for the day since it was my last day in NYC. I have to say, next time I go I will spend much more time here. I will get the full Rockerfeller tour, plus I will ensure to go up for sunset/evening photo opportunities. I had the best time here, dare I even say it was my favorite part of the trip? Everyone who worked there that I encountered was SO NICE! It was such a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone going to New York City for more than just the view (though that itself is reason enough!)

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