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My Reverse Bucket List: Things I’ve Already Done and Loved

I’ve spent time checking out some really great places while I travel as well as when I’m at home. I find that so many people (myself included) are always thinking about all the places we want to see next, but I thought it would be fun to have a walk down memory lane and reminisce about all of the wonderful things I have already seen! Behold, my favourite experiences on the road (in no particular order). 

Climbing to the top of Vermont
This is one of my favourites for multiple reasons. It was a completely spur of the moment experience which does come rarely for me since when I travel I have most of my experience pretty scheduled out. We were planning to find a land/sky gondola up the mountain where there was a restaurant and gift shop experience to be had. Well, we got lost and the GPS was telling us we were where we needed to be, however there was no gondola ride in sight. We found a sign telling us we could drive up the mountain so on a whim we decided to try it out. It was quite a steep 20 minute ride, but when we arrived to the parking lot on the top, it was beautiful and worth it. We were looking down on the world. We thought that was all there was though, and were getting ready to head back down the mountain when we spotted some people veering off the public area onto a trail, so we decided to follow along. It was a fun climb, and quite the steep climb at that, and since we weren’t here with proper climbing shoes, out traction-less bottoms made some rocky areas quite slippery and we did manage to slide around a few times, but luckily no official falls! When we made it to the top, the view was incredible and I couldn’t believe we almost didn’t take the chance to see this! We had officially climbed to the very top of the state of Vermont! Read more about the experience here
Mount Mansfield Stowe Vermont Mount Mansfield Stowe Vermont

Warner Brothers Studio Tour
Okay, maybe this should have been the first one to post. I had the best time experiencing the world of Harry Potter on this tour. Unfortunately I had a killer headache all day, but it didn’t dull the child like wonder and excitement I felt being here. Seriously, just seeing the WB building come into view made me very nearly cry! I was in the first tour time of the day, and that is really the best way to experience this, there are far fewer people around so you can really spend your day slowly viewing every set and item from the movies. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, please put this on your bucket list if you haven’t yet, you won’t be sorry! Read more about the experience here 
Warner Brother Studio Tour Harry Potter Warner Brother Studio Tour Harry Potter

Touring London England
Staying on the topic of England, the whole visit to England was one of my favourites. I spent a good part of my first day on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour which I was so in love with. Hearing the history of the buildings and neighbourhoods, getting an overview of London was so exciting. Plus the fact that it was so exciting to experience this as my first trip abroad solo just left me feeling so amazing, it’s hard to get such a feeling of excitement, awe and freedom! My favourite place on that visit to explore was Covent Garden. I loved seeing the market, then afterwards I got completely lost in the city and didn’t mind in the slightest. I let my feel lead the way and had the best time. Read more about the experience here 
London England Covent Garden London England Walk About

Toronto Christmas Market 
For years I told myself I would go to the Christmas Market, but somehow it never happened until this past December and I’m disappointed that I had waited so long! I went with my best friend and we wandered and explored for hours. I would suggest arriving in the early afternoon and staying around until the night falls. The vibe changes completely and the lights add for an extra cozy feeling. We went in the beginning of December so it wasn’t so cold that it was uncomfortable. A definite must see in Toronto if you’re here around the Christmas season. (No post about this one – whoops! Maybe next Christmas)
Toronto Canada European Christmas Market Toronto Canada European Christmas MarketRocky Mountains
I had the chance to visit a friend in Alberta last year and we spent a few days driving through Jasper and Banff and I can’t even begin to tell you how stunning this place is. If you’re wanting to visit the mountains, I highly suggest doing it through a road trip. You can get pretty much anywhere you want to go, and you’re literally adventuring through the mountains. There is no such thing as a bad view on this trip. Check out some of the pictures here
Alberta Canada Rocky Mountains Alberta Canada Rocky Mountains

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