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Do you believe in resolutions? I know that a lot of people are split on it, some saying that you should work towards what you want any day of the year, and others saying that it is the best time to start over. I personally fall into the later category. Every year I sit down and think of what I want to accomplish by this time next year. I find that a new year is a great way to start fresh, to each their own though, of course. I also now post my resolutions to help me maintain accountability. If you want to see how I faired last year, check out my 2014 resolutions and my success/fail rate on them.

Here are my resolutions for this year!

1. Graduate with honours
2. Begin making money in my field
3. Visit AT LEAST one new country
4. Keep up working out between school and work
5. Blog 2x/week minimum
6. Attend travel shows
7. Keep my room clean
8. Begin working with companies
9. Keep up with happy notes (write a note when something good happens and read them on New Years)
10. Fall in love
11. Have money in my savings account
12. Start RSP
13. Be more social
14. Go to more live sporting games
15. Go to at least one concert

So as you can see, I as I am starting a new and large chapter of my life this year, the goals are a bit more adult, but of course there is still a focus on having more fun and making time to be social with my dear friends.

What about you? Tell me some of your resolutions for 2015!

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