Granville Market Vancouver

Olympic Village & Granville Market Vancouver

It was a grey and kind of rainy day, but that wasn’t going to stop me from the adventures we had planned. I am a lover of markets, and on this day we were planning to visit Granville Market in Vancouver. To get there, we first walked from my friend’s house and walked through the Olympic Village area which has some gorgeous city views.
Olympic Village Vancouver Olympic Village Vancouver IMG_0769
We then hopped onto a water taxi and cruised along, picking others up along the way until we reached the Granville Market.
Granville Market Vancouver

We decided to tour the inside of the market first, hoping the rain would pass. The market has a few beautiful flower shops, and 
plenty of vendors where you can make fruit and vegetable purchases (their displays were quite impressive with fruits stacked into towers). 
Granville Market Vancouver Granville Market Vancouver Granville Market Vancouver Granville Market Vancouver
The market was incredibly busy and there were people everywhere which felt a bit claustrophobic at times, but luckily when we grabbed our lunch and went outside there was more space to breathe. Thankfully the clouds and rain were on the move! 
Granville Market Vancouver
The Yacht Club was having a pirates weekend, so a bunch of the large boats were decked out in pirate gear which was really fun to watch!

Granville Market Vancouver
Once we finished eating, we checked out some of the live entertainment and strolled to through some stores which were in separate buildings from the market. The stores are all looked after well, and I found this was one of the best places to hunt down some great BC souvenirs. 

I absolutely loved my time at the Granville Market, and I already plan to visit again the next time I visit my friend in Vancouver. I highly recommend it as a great place to visit when visiting Vancouver. 

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