New York Public Library

Prepare to swoon at the architectural beauty that is the New York Public Library.
I had originally planned to visit the New York Public Library as soon as it opened in the morning, but I had a later start to the day than I had planned so I didn’t arrive until the early afternoon, and by then there were quite a few people around. Due to time constraints, I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time at the Library, but I loved the time I spent there. The architecture is to die for. It is bright and solid marble throughout and it looks so classic.
It seems so grand to be a library compared to what I am used to. I was told they had a Winnie the Pooh exhibit so I looked for it, but it wasn’t around, so I think that was the biggest disappointment for me. Other than that though, it was a beautiful place to look around and photograph, and I would one day like to go and spend a bit more time there. This is a place I would highly recommend to any architecture buffs out there.

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