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My skin goes through phases. Its known as a “combination complexion” so it’s oily in some places, but dry and normal in others. I feel like this is pretty high maintenance. I have spent some big bucks on different moisturizers that just end up causing break outs, or different washes that end up drying me out – replacing my bumps with flaking skin. I end up feeling pretty unmotivated with all of this, however I seem to have found a face wash that has been working well, Clinique’s Acne Solutions! I had a bit of a break recently though because apparently your skin can become immune to different products, and I have no clue what I would do if my face stopped cooperating with the help of this cleanser. I’m always getting lots of compliments on my skin when I stick with it. 

I’ve been feeling in the need of a bit of a skin pick me up. So instead of just doing my cleanser in the shower, I thought I would give myself a mini spa day, and I documented it for any of you who may be interested. (Check out the products I used at the end of this post)

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First I started by removing my makeup (duh) which was pretty simple since I was only wearing mascara and eyebrow pencil.
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Then I cleansed as usual.
7 8
Then I had some fun with one of my favourite masks, the Origins charcoal mask. I find this is really helpful getting rid of break outs, a great way to top up. (I never thought I’d see the day where I’d post pictures of myself like this online haha)
13 14 15
After washing off (which is quite the challenge with this mask) I applied my current eye cream and moisturizer. I’m currently bouncing between samples to see what works best for my skin, and so far am loving these products! (And I know I have some bits left of the mask… whoops!)
And that’s it! By the next morning when I woke up, my skin was looking much clearer and smooth!

What are your favourite products to use when you pamper your skin?

Products Used: 
9 10
11 12

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