My First Post…?

So I decided to start a blog. I came onto this site to begin, and it turns out I had already made one who knows when, and it appears that there were no previous posts soooo, I believe this is the first one, hence the unsure title to this post.

I digress.

Welcome! (To whoever may stumble across this)
My name is Amber and I am a photography student, aspiring to be a travel photographer….


And commercial, and architecture and a bit of portrait here and there. But mostly travel. (I realize I broke the two grammar rules of not starting sentences with ‘and’ and ‘but’).
I have had a passion for traveling ever since I took my first trip to Europe in grade 7. My grandparents treated my mom and I to a two week vacation with them in Spain over the March break. I was allowed to take pictures with a disposable camera, and I remember being so taken away with the beauty around me. When we got back to Canada, I was so excited to see the pictures after they were developed. It turns out that they were actually pretty decent!



(Malaga, Spain. Or somewhere around there. 2004)

I would love to go back and get more, better quality pictures; but for now I am really quite motivated to travel to countries I haven’t seen before. I have also been to Denmark multiple times and have all of my travel photography from there.
When it came to choosing a career path, I wanted to be many things, but it took some time for me to narrow it down. I always wanted to be a photographer, but teachers, classmates, some family members went on about how I would need a “Real Job”, as photography wouldn’t provide me with much income. I won’t lie, I do want to make money. I want to live a comfortable lifestyle, which I wasn’t as lucky to grow up with. So I then decided to major in something else, then do photography on the side as a money making hobby.
So I wanted to be a:
Vet (Can’t handle blood)
Singer (Hard to break into, I hear)
Actress (Camera shy)
Hockey Player (Can’t even stand in skates)
Hotel Manager (Hate customer service)
Journalist (Get bored of too much writing)
Flight Attendant (Back to the money thing)

Then I met a graphic designer. She was a friend of my Aunt’s and did my mom’s business brochures and business cards. They turned out beautiful!! They were clear, colourful and involved pictures. I figured this way I could dabble in photography at the same time and make some money. So I applied for school. Into five different Graphic Design Programs. I got into a few, but wasn’t impressed with the campuses. The college I wanted into so badly only offered me a Media Foundation position, with a chance to apply and possibly get into Graphic Design the next year, so I took it. Long story cut a little short, I got into Graphic Design the next year. Though in my portfolio interview, they admitted that it was my Photography getting me in, my drawing is not strong. I was so excited to get in and was sure I could make it, but the drawing was much more important than I thought, so I was failing and had to drop out. (Again, a long story cut short). Did I mention that as soon as I was accepted to Graphic Design, I dropped out of my Media Foundation course? Yah, so that made me a 2x college drop out. That became pretty embarrassing. So for a few years I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do other than take pictures and travel. So I moved to Denmark. I got to travel between Denmark and Germany freely as I lived on the border, and it was a dream come true – sort of. Unfortunately, I had to come home and apply for schools, so I applied for a program that would make me a Travel Agent. I applied for it two years in a row, got accepted, and nearly took it. I knew it wasn’t right though. Somehow though, after I returned from Denmark, I decided I wanted to go to school for photography. Unfortunately again, it was too late, the program had been closed. It is a competitive program at the school. So I took off another year and just worked retail and got some of my courses out of the way by doing them online. Finally the time came, I applied, got an interview and got accepted. PHEW. But it was still a long wait from January-September. Here we are now at the end of September 2013, and I am on week four of my photo program and loving it.

I think I will end here, as this turned out to be a much longer post than I anticipated.

Until next time.. 🙂

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