My Fall Essentials

Day 3 of my September blogging challenge.

I love the fall! There are so many things that come to mind when I think about what my must haves are, so I spent some time narrowing them down to the items that make me the most excited for the season!


The first thing is scented candles! Man, I have such a huge collection of candles, mostly from Bath and Body Works. I look forward to their fall releases every year. This is definitely something that is a muuuust have!

Following in a close second is Scentsy! I’m new to the Scentsy game (and am trying out selling in case any of you are interested), but once I started looking into their company and had the chance to smell their scents, I was in love! I grew up in a house where my mom panicked about candles, and couldn’t ever leave the room without either blowing out the candle, or having someone watch it. So with Scentsy, I can have the scents all over the house and not have to worry about fire hazards! Plus, the scents are to die for!

Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and Halloween dvds are another must have for me! I love getting cozy and watching the episodes, and knowing that I only see them once a year makes it that much more special!

I love cardigans so much! They keep you warm when it gets cooler, and they can pull together any outfit! Always a must have in my books.

What are your fall essentials? I would love to hear about what gets you excited for fall!

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