What I Learned from Blogging Daily

If you’re a regular on the blog, you may have noticed in September I had a post go live daily for 3 weeks tackling topics from a 30 day blogging challenge. Here is what I learned from the experience. 

1) It can be fun and motivational. When you see some topics you’re excited about, you want to jump on them right away and that really gets the blogging motor going. 

2) It can steer you off your niche. I started as a travel blog, but have been branching into lifestyle so it wasn’t too terrible of a stretch. However, there were some days where the topic was on something I knew nothing about such as football. When it came to topics like that, I didn’t feel I could offer much to my readers and relied on bringing people away from my site with Pinterest links. 

3) It can increase traffic. My traffic increased and my bounce rate decreased. I think people ended up sticking around longer than normal because there was more new content for them to check out which was great. 

4) I learned that I can post more. Sometimes blogging can really take up a lot of time, but when I found when I really focused and had no distractions, I could get a few good posts done in one day and schedule them days in advanced. It’s good to try to make that into a habit to keep your blog active, although I’ve been super late on making a post since I finished the challenge so I’m not yet one to preach. 

In case anyone was wondering why I didn’t finish a complete month of blogging, I decided to end it about 3 weeks in. The next post I was supposed to put up was supposed to be a drawing and nothing else. No words. First of all, my drawing is atrocious. Secondly, I realized that it was so far out of my niche and it had no value for my readers. When I thought of it that way, I established I didn’t want to do it anymore because it was in part taking away from my niche, since I think there were only one or two posts related to travel. Luckily I could fit some lifestyle in there as well. 

Would I ever do a challenge like this again? I think it would depend on the topics. If it was specified to my niche, then yes I just might. But if it’s another random one, then I may pick and choose the topics I like and post them leisurely. 

Are you missing my travel posts around here lately? Never fear! I have some fresh stuff coming really soon! 

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