Interview- Kelly Ella Maz

Kelly Ella Ma is a fellow Canadian blogger who I have been following since the beginning of my journey. She is a travel inspiration who is now living abroad in sunny Australia after a brief move to Barcelona. Check her out for some killer fashion tips and reviews on destinations, airlines, accommodations and more! All of her information is available at the end of the interview. A big thank you to Kelly for helping kick off this interview segment!

(Note: These questions were answered a few months ago when Kelly was living in Barcelona. To keep up with her journey since then, go check out her site!)

You’re originally from Canada, but currently living in Barcelona with plans continue on afterwards. Do you think you will make Canada your home again, or do you think you will eventually live abroad permanently?
I think Canada could definitely be my home again, but I don’t think it would be permanent. I need warmer weather and a beach!

What has been the best and hardest parts of moving abroad for you?
The best part has been discovering my new city! Every day in Barcelona I find a new restaurant or beach that I’ve never been to before. The hardest part is that I miss my family! Sometimes I wish I could fly home just for a few hours.

You like fashion; what are your top five must haves for travel fashion?
Sunglasses (to hide my tired eyes); A big scarf (that doubles as an in-flight blanket); My Longchamp carryon (it folds up when not in use); Maxi dresses (because they’re comfortable and chic); And a really cute statement necklace made from wooden beads (no metal means no problems wearing it through security).

What is the most important traveling tip you have for anyone wanting to travel?
I think planning is key. If you only have 3 days in Paris you shouldn’t waste hours waiting in line or being lost. Pre-plan your days, buy tickets in advance and enjoy every minute of your vacation! If you don’t have time to plan your vacation then hire a travel planner to do it for you.

What has been your worst experience while traveling? What did you learn from it?
I have been blessed in that I’ve never had a bad experience! One thing travel has taught me though is to be patient, and to appreciate each day no matter where you are.

What was your first traveling experience?
A trip to Florida with my family when I was little! I’ve been obsessed with the ocean and collecting shells ever since.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a world traveler?
I’d probably be working a boring office job, and dreaming about my next vacation.

How did you learn about the wonderful world of blogging?
When I was planning my trips and researching online I found the most useful information from travel blogs. A hotel review from a travel blog is much more thorough and accurate than a hotel review on Trip Advisor because they have more experience! Likewise, restaurant suggestions on travel blogs are always better than suggestions from Yelp. I had lots of travel knowledge to share too, so a travel blog was the perfect fit.

What has been your favourite post to write so far?
Recently, writing about the costs of Ibiza was one of my favorites because I knew it was going to help a lot of people!

You have two Ebooks and are planning to release more. How did you become interested in being an Ebook author? Have you enjoyed the process?
I loved writing my first e-book because it gave me a chance to share helpful travel advice that was too much for one blog post! My second e-book is a picture e-book, so there was less writing but it was nice to share my favourite travel pictures. I have plans for three more books right now.

I see you have a bucket list on your blog. Which event are you hoping to cross off of your list next?
I just checked “Stand Up Paddle Boarding” off my list! And I plan to visit a Spanish winery in the next few weeks.

You recently traveled to Ibiza, did it live up to its recent media hype?
It did! I thought Ibiza would only be about clubbing (which I’ve grown out of), but it ended up being so much more. The island is beautiful, the beaches were great and the crowds were friendly. I’d love to go back soon.

Quick Favourites:

Favourite Airline: Porter
Favourite Country: Spain
Favourite City: Paris
Favourite Beach: Las Salinas in Ibiza
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Language: Spanish
Favourite Transportation: Flying

Where can we follow you?

Twitter: @kellyellamaz
Instagram: @kellyellamaz



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