How I Keep My Life Organized

Day 5 of the September blogging challenge.

When I was in school, I had a HUGE wall calendar where I wrote down everything. Every assignment, meeting, work shift and bus schedule. I had everything colour organized, each colour stood for something (red: homework, green: birthdays, pink: social) etc. However I accidentally ruined it not too long after school was over when I was rearranging my bedroom, and haven’t found it to be a necessity to get a new one with where my life is now.

I love planners and stationary so much! I love planning for the weeks and months ahead, and organizing peoples birthdays into little squares in the monthly views.

Since I’m no longer in school, I have downsized my planner to a little one that’s still easy to toss into my purse wherever  I go, but not too big that it becomes cumbersome.

I know that everyone loves to time manage in their own way, but I will show you how I set up my agenda these days. Keep in mind, it’s always changing!
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