Ipsy March 2016 Review

I didn’t do an Ipsy review last month because I didn’t want to oversaturate my blog with beauty products, but I am so in love with my Ipsy subscription so I can’t resist anymore! 

I’ve been getting Ipsy since the beginning of this year, and in case you didn’t know what it is, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service where you pay $10US/ month (around $21 CDN for us Canadian suckers) and you get a few samples of different beauty products and supplies. March was a lot of fun!


The bag design this month wasn’t too bad. Apparently it came in two different colour variations, so the fact that I got a coral/mint combination was wonderful (fyi: my favourite colours)! 

Item #1: An eye shadow brush. I love the idea of this since I haven’t owned proper makeup brushes in years, so every time I get one from Ipsy, I’m actually thrilled. This one had a hard stiff area on one side so when I went to apply my eyeshadow with it, it was actually scratching my eyelid! I haven’t worn eyeshadow since so haven’t tried to fix it yet, but I’ll try to figure something out because I’d be so sad if I couldn’t keep using this. 


#2: Makeup Forever Primer. I was sooo excited to try this! One of my friends is a makeup artist with Makeup Forever and she loves the products, so I couldn’t wait to try it for myself! Again, I’ve only tried it the one time with the eyeshadow, but I really liked the consistency and my eyeshadow game remained strong! 

#3: I love this colour. I love lip products. I also think I might be biased because I’m not a lipgloss fan. I felt like this was sticky, but I think most glosses are. Although, I will say this is much better than the lipgloss received in January. I also really liked the colour of this one, so extra points for that. 

#4: Bronzer. I was super excited then let down by this product. I was so excited to have a full sized bronzer to play with, but it hardly has any pigmentation at all! So I love the idea, but unfortunately it was a bust. 

#5: Eye Cream. LOVE THIS! Omg for a month now I’ve been excited to write about this eye cream! My eyes frequently get really watery if I put any eye cream on them which has caused me to stop completely using eye cream. This cream is so smooth and absorbs quickly and leaves me with no tears. So impressed!

So there you have it! The haul and review of my March Ipsy bag! I’ve already received April’s bag so will start working on that soon, but I’ll just let you know it’s my favourite bag yet! Stay tuned! 

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