Interview – Samantha Bilkey

I had the opportunity to interview Samantha from recently! Thanks so much for participating, Samantha! 🙂

Have you ever lived abroad/ do you plan to live abroad in the future?
Yep – that’s kind of what got me started with my travel blog. Like a lot of other students, I started it for my family/friends when I was studying abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Right now I’m taking a TEFL course online in the hopes that if I choose to live abroad again someday, I can use it as potential employment/excuse to see Southeast Asia ☺

The beautiful cathedral of Santiago de Compostela!

The beautiful cathedral of Santiago de Compostela!

What is the most important traveling tip you have for anyone wanting to travel?
Buy experiences, not things. Later on all those shot glasses post cards will just be a waste of space. Spend that money on tours and take lots of pictures!

What has been your worst experience while traveling? What did you learn from it?
My mom is from India and my whole life, every few years, we would spend several months in Secunderabad with my nana and extended family. After a couple weeks, I hated it and just wanted to go back home to school and my friends, but I’m so glad that my mom took us there and never listened to our complaints! Even though I get that I was a kid, I learned to always give new places a chance and not to find too many things to complain about too soon.

What was your first traveling experience?
Spending time in India as a kid! I got used to long airplane rides really quickly. This year will be the first time I’ve gone back for Christmas in 13 years, and we’re finally getting to see the Taj Mahal – I can’t believe it took us this long but I’m so excited to see it as an adult versus as a child.

What is your favourite travel memory?
I have two: While studying abroad in Spain I spent a week in Rome, Florence, and Paris all by myself. I’m an introvert and loved being on my own! I had so much fun organizing and planning my entire week day by day, ticket by ticket.

My week in Rome - in the Colosseum!

My week in Rome – in the Colosseum!

In the Knight Bus at the Harry Potter studio[2]

In the Knight Bus at the Harry Potter studio

Another week was visiting family a well as the Harry Potter studios in London. It was an AMAZING week and I would move to London in a second if I could!

How did you learn about the wonderful world of blogging?
I started on, which I actually do prefer over WordPress, but it isn’t as versatile. At least now I can have my own domain name ☺

What is your goal with blogging?
Right now it’s a hobby but I’m trying to get more serious with it – paying for a host/domain name, getting in touch with blogging communities, and using it as a platform for freelance writing.

What has been your favourite post to write so far?
Probably one from my spring break week in Italy/Paris! Here’s the start of that epic week:

What would you be doing if you weren’t a world traveler?
In my ideal world I would have gotten into a PhD psychology program… and probably hated it! I can’t imagine a life without travel in some form.

Quick Favourites:
Favourite Airline: Southwest
Favourite Country: England
Favourite City: London
Favourite Beach: Turks and Caicos
Favourite Food: Butter chicken and naan
Favourite Language: German
Favourite Transportation: Airplane
Favourite Hotel: El Dorado Royale (as a travel agent I get to tour a lot of all-inclusive resorts)

Where can we follow you?
Twitter: @samanthaenroute
Instagram: samanthaenroute

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