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A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing travel blogger Emily Luxton. Her site is full of insightful information and she has a section for photography, which is beautifully done. Read on to learn more about how she came to be the successful blogger that she is now!

You currently live in England, have you ever lived abroad/ do you plan to live abroad in the future?
I haven’t lived abroad yet, sadly, but I would like to! I’ve done an online TEFL course so I’m actually hoping to spend a year or so abroad teaching in Asia.

What is the most important traveling tip you have for anyone wanting to travel?
Don’t put it off! The biggest mistake I made was waiting five years to live my dream of travelling, because I felt like I had to save a certain amount of money and achieve some other goals first. As it turned out, none of the other stuff was important – so all I did was waste five years that could have been spent travelling! You’ll never regret going travelling, so do it as soon as you can and for as long as you can – otherwise the day may come where it’s actually too late.

What has been your worst experience while traveling? What did you learn from it?
That’s a tough one – there have been plenty of bad experiences. I think the worst was probably getting robbed on an overnight bus in Bolivia, then trying to report it to the police in my terrible Spanish the next day. We were on the bus for about ten hours, with no toilet and no stops, which was bad enough, but then we woke up to find that my boyfriend’s bag had been opened and his tablet and video camera were missing. Luckily, the camera was broken anyway so we didn’t have any films on there that weren’t backed up. It was such a horrible experience knowing that someone had gone through our things while we were asleep. The experience made me much more cautious of my valuables, especially on public transport. More importantly, the nightmare of trying to use my mostly forgotten Spanish (which before that trip I’d always thought was quite good) to speak to the police made me realise I needed to start practising again. After that I went to a Spanish school in Sucre for a week, and then kept practising for the rest of the trip using apps on my phone and notes from the lessons. 

What was your first traveling experience?
Besides family holidays to Costa Brava when I was young, my first experience of “properly” travelling was a trip to Malaysia a few years ago. I actually flew out to meet my boyfriend for two weeks while he was on a four month RTW, so it was like a mini backpacking trip for me. We spent most of the trip on the Perhentian Islands, which were like a tropical paradise; it was a fantastic first taste!

What is your favourite travel memory?
Sitting at the Sun Gate in Machu Picchu this April and just looking at the view. It was baking hot, I was exhausted, and my legs were aching horribly from the hike up at 5am that morning, but I just felt absolute bliss at having finally achieved a lifelong dream. The scenery was incredible and I was full of a sense of self-pride and happiness. That was a wonderful experience!

How did you learn about the wonderful world of blogging?
When I was researching a trip to Morocco a couple of years ago, I kept finding that the best information was on travel blogs, instead of guide book websites, because the bloggers had actually been to the places they were writing about and weren’t trying to sell tours etc. That was what first got me interested in starting my own blog.

What is your goal with blogging?
Initially, I just wanted to create an online presence and build up a portfolio of my writing, with a view to becoming a freelance writer. Now, though, I would like the blog itself to be my main business, as I have a lot more control over the writing and content that way. I run two blogs now – emilyluxton.co.uk and backpacksouthamerica.co.uk – and my goal for both of them is to share the most interesting stories and the most accurate, helpful information possible to help other travellers out when researching!
What has been your favourite post to write so far?
I have a few that I’m proud of – my post about Machu Picchu (http://emilyluxton.co.uk/2014/05/13/machu-picchu/), and the one about the Salar de Uyuni (http://emilyluxton.co.uk/2014/06/26/salar-de-uyuni-4/) from this year stand out as particular highlights! In terms of the research that went into the post, the most fun to write was a review of the chocolate making workshop at Cusco’s chocolate museum! 

You’ve won multiple competitions already, is it still as exciting as it was the first time?
Absolutely! Its always such an amazing feeling to know that someone thinks my writing is good enough to win an award. The most recent was Wanderlust Magazine’s Travel Blog of the Year award – even though there was no prize for that, I went absolutely ballistic when I found out I won. It’s such a wonderful feeling, I don’t think it will ever stop being exciting for me!

Quick Favourites:

Favourite Airline: British Airways
Favourite Country: Colombia
Favourite City: Paris
Favourite Beach: Playa Blanca in Colombia
Favourite Food: Dessert!
Favourite Language: Spanish
Favourite Transportation: Train
Favourite Hotel: Sofitel Marrakech

Where can we follow you?

Website: www.emilyluxton.co.uk and backpacksouthamerica.co.uk
Twitter: @em_luxton
Facebook: facebook.com/emilyluxtontravelblog
Google+: https://plus.google.com/
Instagram: @emluxton


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