How I Decorate for Christmas

If you don’t know by now, I am obsessed with all things Christmas. I’ve already watched countless Christmas movies this month which includes watching Elf 5 times already… call it my guilty Christmas pleasure. 
Well today I wanted to give you a bit of a Christmas tour of our home! I haven’t done our actual house tour yet, but I thought it could be fun to show how we have set up our decorations in our new home! You’ll notice that my mom has a lot more going on decor wise, but I decked out more this year than I ever have since I finally have my own apartment space. 
If you’ve been interested in seeing our actual house, don’t fret, a house tour will soon be coming your way! It’ll probably be done as a video, but just keep your eyes open for it. 
For now though, enjoy our Christmas decorations!! 
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