Hostel Review – Generator Copenhagen.

In August of 2012 I had the opportunity to stay in Copenhagen’s Generator Hostel. It was my first hostel experience, and I was very impressed. My mom was with my on this trip and we were staying at the hostel for a week, so we stayed in a twin room. You can check out a 360 view of it, and their other rooms here.
First of all, the whole place was very clean. All of the common areas were well kept every day, and our room was clean for our arrival. There were also plenty of maps and tour ideas in the main lobby which is great if it’s your first visit. The whole look of the hostel was modern and colourful – very hip.

The beds in our room were on opposite sides of the room, and we had a red stool table in between us. The room is small, but definitely manageable. We had room for both of our large suitcases and our backpacks. At the end of one bed there is a little table which is handy to keep key cards and any other little things you may need, with an outlet which I used for doing my hair and charging my computer mainly. At the end of the other bed there is an area where you can hang some clothing and it has a mirror so that was really handy.
The beds were also very comfortable. I never had any trouble sleeping there. 

The bathroom is attached and was all tile – easy to keep clean. One thing I wasn’t used to was having the shower on the same level as the sink and toilet, but it wasn’t bad as there was a squeegee there to wipe down the water after a shower.

As for the eating area, we were always able to find a table to eat at. Unfortunately, the outdoor area was closed during our stay there. The food was fine, basically the same as one would expect. The food was always being replenished and you can eat as much as you want for the same price.

The location of the hostel was ideal! It is so close to everything. My mom and I would head out early in the morning and take in all the sites. A lot of the time we were just walking around since we know the area well. Then after some hours, we would come back to the hostel and just rest in our room for a bit, then head out again in the evenings. The location was really helpful to have as a base.

Would I recommend this hostel? YES! Would I stay here again? YES!
They also have the same brand in Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Hamburg, London, and Venice. When I visit those countries, I would definitely consider checking these locations out.

Go check them out HERE!!

*All pictures are from their website – none belong to me.

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