Honda Civic Road Trip Review

I am doing a bit of a different type of review today. This is on the Honda Civic car!

I went on this road trip with my best friend who is (mildly) obsessed and super proud of his Honda. I feel that this was an ideal car for a long road trip! For starters, it is great on gas. Gas in Quebec is a bit higher than in Ontario, so it’s nice to know you won’t have to fill up often while on the road.

Also, since it is a coupe, it offers plenty of leg room with it’s long design. I get antsy when I have to sit for long periods of time, so it was wonderful that I could switch up positions. My friend is also a person who isn’t about sitting still for too long, but he was excited to announce that he was comfortable during the trip! Neither of us were too bothered over the 8 hour drive and only got out to stretch our feet during bathroom breaks.
Included in this edition is also a USB port perfect for charging out iPhones, which is essential 😉

Overall, I would recommend this car to anyone who is going on a road trip any time soon or anyone who has to rent or buy a car in the near future. It ticks many important boxes and I have no complaints!

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