Home Stretch.

Well, it’s official. Reading week is done. Once I am finished this post, I am heading to sleep, then will be up for school tomorrow morning and it will be business as usual. I have loved having this week off to relax… Maybe not so much relaxing but lots of catching up anyways. I am sad to be returning to school. I love it, really I do. However, it is always so hard to get started back up after having a rest. I remember when returning last month from Christmas break, it took me almost until reading week to get used to the daily grind again. I always have a severe case of the Mondays when I wake up on Monday mornings, as does my dog. I swear it’s like he knows. I feel that I am so anxious to get the year over because I have so many amazing things planned as soon as the semester is done, and I’m so excited for everything that I could explode! I forget to live in the moment. But here it is. The last stretch until summer.

Anyways, as I have caught up with things over the break, I will now post my latest homework assignments I have worked on.


This assignment was us learning to take photos of watches (duh). This was to learn to take photos of shiny things. I have had a hassle with this and did much more editing on multiple photos than I needed to in the end as I went back to this original one. Live and learn.


For this photo, we had to take the photo from our baked food assignment and add text to it. I decided to make mine into a magazine cover.


Lastly, this photo was for a portrait assignment where we had to draw inspiration from Yousef Karsh’s lighting.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that’s it for now. I wish you all luck on your Monday tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to get back into the groove of things again 🙂


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