Harry Potter Travel and Pictures Review

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I am so late to the band wagon, but I just got through reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I had the collection of books ever since they came out, but never completed a book, because then the movie would come out, so I just decided to watch and find out how Harry’s adventures went.

I have been such a large fan of Harry Potter just from the movies. I even made sure to check out the Harry Potter Warner Brother’s Studio Tour on my trip to England in 2015. I deep down wish I was a witch just waiting for my Hogwarts letter to come in the mail. (Clearly my owl took a wrong turn when delivering my letter….)

Anyways, on to the book!
Harry Potter Travel and Pictures Review

I was surprised about how child friendly it was first of all. The writing style was engaging, and I think it was a fairly easy read well suited for younger generations. I do find that overall, the movies seemed a bit more gruesome than the book, however the movies get a bit more dark with each one, so I will have to see if the books follow suit.
It’s no surprise that J K Rowling is a genius, but she really brings you into into the story, and I was completely sucked in.
She has literally created another world that millions would love to be a part of.

I loved this book, and if you’re like me and have only seen (and loved) the movies, please read this book. They even have a version which is now illustrated which I will be buying just to add to my collection.

Side Note: On the original books, it’s called the “Sorcerer’s Stone”. Does anyone know why the name was changed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Also, if you have any “must reads” that you would like to share with me, please let me know. I’m always up for a good book!

CANADIANS: Buy the book here!
AMERICANS: Buy the book here!




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    Beth | Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere
    July 16, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Ahhh, congrats on finishing the first one! This made my heart happy. And to answer your question, it was released in Europe as the “Philosopher’s Stone,” and in the U.S. as the “Sorcerer’s Stone.” Just a regional difference. Yours looks like a special re-release, and I want it! 🙂

    • Reply
      Amber Primdahl
      August 31, 2016 at 1:25 pm

      OH! Thanks so much for letting me know haha 🙂 Makes sense!

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