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Happy November!!

I can’t believe this year is already coming to an end!
We’ve just got a few weeks of class left, then Christmas, then 2014 will be here!
We finished midterms 2-3 weeks ago now, and I have to admit, it was the first time I had ever studied for any type of exams before. I truly wanted to do well. And I did 🙂
Over all, my average is 77%. Considering the fact that I was failing most of my classes at this point of the year when I was in Graphic Design, I am pleased as punch at my grades.
Also, at the beginning of the year my marks were lower because I didn’t know what was expected and was still getting into the groove. The more we move into this semester, the better my marks are doing.
I am very confident that by the end of the semester I will have honours marks.
I know it’s not a huge deal, but for me it is. I’ve been to college three times now, so I’m doing this for me 🙂

Anyways, we have about 2 assignments left per class and then finals will be among us. I think we will all be ready for a bit of a break once the holidays hit!
I have also just quit my part time job so it will be fantastic to enjoy this Christmas!
This is also my first Sunday actually “Off” in about a year. And I’m sick for it 🙁
But at least I didn’t have to call in anywhere!

That’s it for today,

Have a wonderful week! xox

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