Hamburg 2011

October 20, 2011

This was my first time in Hamburg, and first real trip to Germany! We were so lucky with the weather because most of the days I have been here it has been raining.

On this trip in Hamburg, we also went to a Starbucks!! Having Milan as a tour guide has been so great because he knows where to go and knows a lot of the history! And it’s been so great to also have Astrid be a tourist with me and have her also bring her large camera with us. I don’t feel like I stand out as much now! In these pictures we are at the water front in Hamburg which is called Binnenalster (Inner Alster).
Hopefully one day soon we will do a tour on a water boat! I will need to convert a chunk of every pay into Euros so I can pay for myself on trips to Germany because I feel so awkward when other people pay my way. I think it will look gorgeous here with snow on the ground and in the background. I am so glad I have the opportunity to travel to two countries at once! It’s perfect.

Hamburg Germany

This area is the City Centre of Hamburg

This area of Hamburg is called Jungfernstieg.
Outside of the Alsterhaus in Hamburg. It is along the water of Binnenalster and is a large shopping centre like Magasin in Denmark.

This is the city hall of Hamburg. Hamburg Rathaus is located in the Altstadt quarter in the city centre. Constructed from 1886-1897. On May 1945 Nazi Commander in Chief General Woltz surrendered Hamburg to the British Army. In 1971 a room in the tower was only discovered accidentally during a search for a document fallen behind a filing cabinet. So there is a possibility that there are more rooms. Currently counted: 647 rooms!!
Hamburg Germany
This is a very popular and fashionable place to shop.

Hamburg Germany

Gänsemarkt (Goose Market)

This view is from a popular bar called 20 Up in Hamburg. The view is obviously stunning, but apparently the best view is unfortunately seen from the men’s washroom!
Hamburg Germany
And of course we spent a night out in the Reeperbahn!
Hamburg Germany

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