First Two Weeks.

School has begun again! We just started semester 2/4 and we are off to quite a busy start! I already have two photo shoot assignments completed, and have to begin even more. I also received my sb 910 flash last week! I can’t wait to start playing around with it. So far, the semester is going well. I was put into a section where I only knew  few people, but as a result I have been making some new, amazing friends 🙂 My original schedule had me going into school every day for one class a day. Not only was it a drag to have to come in every day, it was also costing extra money for transit each week. So I was able to arrange a class change with one of my teachers, and I now have Thursday free each week! That worked really well for me last semester, and it looks even more promising this semester. Last semester I had a 9 hour Friday to still make it through, but this semester I only have class for about 1.5 hours give or take. It already feels as if my weekend has begun! As a result, my Wednesday has now become a 9 hour day with a 3 hour break, but that’s great for me to get printing and sociology done! This is what has been shot so far since semester two began last week.   ImageImage     The top photo is a recreation of a George Hurrell photograph, and the bottom was a white on white shoot. Over all, very neat! Anyways, with my time off I will also finally be posting the long awaited travel series of mine, where I tell you all about my different trips. As you may know, I have already gone over my Spain trip, which was a bit foggy for my memory. I even forgot a very important detail in that post. While I was in Spain, the Madrid attacks happened! Fortunately we were no where near there, (Us in Malaga, the trains in Madrid), but it was nerve wracking none-the-less. Classmates and friends were also worried not knowing which part of Spain I was in. I was also young at the time and didn’t fully understand what was happening. If you’d like to read the original Spain post, click here. In the meantime, if you’d like to keep up with me and my college experience, feel free to follow me! Instagram Pinterest Facebook Stay tuned for Denmark 2008, coming soon 😉

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