Coffee Culture Mississauga

I love finding little cozy coffee shops, but I never think to go looking for them in Mississauga. Recently when I was in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, I came across a newly opened coffee shop called Coffee Culture and decided to try it out! 
Coffee-Culture-Mississauga-1First of all, it is super cozy! You can choose to sit in a bright and airy part of the establishment, or you can choose a cozy corner with a few booths which I saw people bring their laptops to work on while enjoying their coffees.
Coffee-Culture-Mississauga-4This place is more than just coffee though, you can get some good food here including breakfast meals. I was visiting with my mom and we decided to split a Belgium waffle, and it was SO. GOOD. 
Coffee-Culture-Mississauga-6I find that at a lot of other breakfast restaurants, the food can taste a bit cheap, but this place tasted like real food! It was a very pleasant surprise. 
Coffee-Culture-Mississauga-3I already have plans to return to work on some future blog posts in one of those back corner booths like the other’s that I saw while doing my people watching. I love the atmosphere and the people seemed really friendly as well. It’s in Port Credit (south Mississauga) so when you’re done enjoying a brew or a meal here, you can visit the shops or take a walk down by the lake.
Coffee-Culture-Mississauga-2If you’re ever in the area, definitely check it out!

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