Christmas Day!

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone has been having a really enjoyable Christmas! Today is Christmas Day, so most of you are probably celebrating today. As for me, I celebrated yesterday, as Danes do. This year, our Christmas was very small and intimate with only my mom, dog and I. It was a bit different, but it was very lovely none-the-less. It was very cozy and we kept up traditions as best we could. A lot of people have been without power around here due to the ice storm, so we are feeling very thankful to just be warm!!

Last weekend I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium for the second time, but only took iphone photos. We went with two of my cousins then went out to lunch a bit later with my Uncle. That was on Friday. Then Saturday-Sunday we had two of my other cousins over and just hung out. We did some Christmas crafts and watched movies and baked. So that was fun 🙂 This way we were able to still see the family since we weren’t able to join them on the actual day!

Coming up soon on the blog is a continuation of my past travel experiences with pictures getting better with each trip!
I am also going to be putting up a post with my 14 things to accomplish in 2014! I like to come back to these lists and see how much I got accomplished 🙂
I may even throw in a Christmas experience post!
This is just a small post today since I feel as if I’ve been ignoring my blog, and I like to stay in the habit of writing so hopefully I can incorporate it in my next semester! I can’t post any pictures in this post either, because I am writing on a NEW COMPUTER!!
I got an iMac for Christmas!! I keep hearing photogs talking about how they couldn’t edit without them so I’ve been wanting one for years to edit on, and yesterday I got it! SO SO THANKFUL!

Another Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy yourselves, and have fun either boxing day shopping, or relaxing tomorrow 🙂
Personally, I don’t plan on leaving my pjs tomorrow!


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