Central Park

Central Park has been seen in countless movies and television shows, and is recognizable to almost anyone in the world.
Of course when I visited the Big Apple, I had to make sure I got to have an adventure through Central Park!

What did I think of Central Park?
Well… It is very grand for sure. At the same time however, I found it a bit overrated.
Now hear me out. This may not be a fair judgement of Central Park. I only spent about two hours in the park itself. I feel that I have seen very beautiful shots of it in video, so I must have been in the wrong area for what I expected, though the area I was in was very pretty. I feel like I have to give Central Park another try. I think next time I visit New York City, I will spend a day in the park just wandering and exploring. I still have high hopes for Central Park, but I feel that I wasn’t able to get a great feel for it with the limited time I had to spend there. I still highly recommend anyone to go there when they are in New York.

The highlight for my trip to Central Park was the Hans Christian Andersen statue. As a Dane, I sought out the statue which was tucked away. Not many people would think to search for this statue, so when I arrived I was surrounded by the Danish language. It seemed to be the Danish hot spot of New York. I met an older gentleman from the same area of Denmark as my grandfather and we had a nice chat before I continued on my journey.

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