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My Carry On Must Haves

When you start traveling more frequently, you find out what works and what doesn’t as far as packing goes. I feel like packing one’s carry on is really important because you’re narrowing down what you can’t live without for those hours. On your first few trips, you might find yourself wishing you had packed something that you forgot about, but when you get into the groove of traveling, you become more knowledgeable on what matters most to you. I’m going to let you in on what I can’t live without whether it’s traveling by plane, or what I just make sure to have on me during a road trip. (In no particular order)

I think most people can relate with me on this one. It helps me feel connected to those back home and has a plethora of boredom killing activities loaded onto it. You just want to make sure to come prepared with your charger if you’re going to use this as your main method of entertainment.

I feel like my iPad has been a game changer in my travels. My iPhone doesn’t have a lot of storage with all of the pictures I’m always taking on it, so I have my music synced to my iPad and it’s filled with books, games and magazines to keep me entertained. With all of the books and magazines on there, not only does it save space of packing the physical items with me, it often saves me money as well. 

When I’m traveling, I need snacks to survive. I typically don’t like to have full meals mid travel, because I find that I’m not too hungry, and end up wasting food. So snacking is what I do. Although, when you’re traveling a lot, airport food (or gas station food for road trips) can get boring and frankly, it’s not the greatest fuel for the body. So I try to pack healthy snacks before I leave (it’s also a lot better on the budget). Right now my favourite way to stock up is ordering with Love with Food. They are now available internationally, so if you want to order, you can do that here! I highly suggest getting the Deluxe box, since you want it to last a full month! But if you want to just test it out, there is the option of the Tasting box. (The Tasting option is only available in the US, but don’t fear, you’re getting some really good stuff in the Deluxe box!) Gluten boxes are also available for all countries! These are perfect for travel snacks since they come in travel size! Plus they donate a meal to a food bank when you purchase the Tasting box, and two meals for each Deluxe box. You can’t have a better win-win than that! Enter code T&P40 for 40% off of your first box! 

I feel like my breath gets all kinds of nasty when I fly so I can’t go without gum. (Fellow passengers can thank me later). To go along with that, I also need to pack….

Mini Toothbrush
I don’t know that the proper terminology is for these, but they come in a small pack and have a minty scent on them. It helps get build up off your teeth, and freshen your breath. I don’t know what it is about flying, but my teeth really get out of sorts without these when I’m flying. I’m sure you can get them at Walmart, but I stashed a bunch of these from Target during it’s brief stint in Canada.
Love with Food Amber Primdahl

Sun Glasses
I would say this only applies for me when I’m participating in a road trip. My eyes are quite sensitive in cars, but I rarely feel that they’re necessary when flying. I typically just buy cheap pairs so it doesn’t matter if I just chuck them into my bag when I’m on the go. 

Is this necessary? Probably not. Is it one of the first things I am sure to pack? Definitely. My go to look is simple eyes with a pop of colour on my lips. So no matter where I’m traveling, I like to bring my lipstick with me to help liven up my look especially right before arriving to my destination. I feel much more confident to take on the new destination when I don’t look like I’ve been up all night on a red eye. 

Lip balm
My general lip balm is EOS all the way. However, on flights my lips get all sorts of dry and cracked. Blistex (the “Lip Medix” in particular is my go to). Also, it’s in a much slimmer container, making it easier to slip into a small pouch. This stuff is also a blessing during the coldest Canadian winter months. 

I always manage to get headaches at the worst times, so I try to have Tylenol on me at all times for when a migraine strikes (or if I have a tumble… not unheard of for me). It doesn’t happen all the time, but it is so crummy to be stuck with pain and you’re having to hustle through the airport, so I come prepared. 

Another one that’s not needed every single time, but so handy to have. When you’re on a plane the air is being circulated around the cabin, and you can get left feeling a little dry, or maybe even a little flu-ish. Ener-C I find is so helpful at warding off sick feelings. It also tastes pretty good, so just pour it into your bottle of water and enjoy. 

Again, for the klutz in me. I am always seeming to get injured, but luckily so far it hasn’t been anything a bandaid can’t fix. I have these around for anything from paper cuts, scrapes, to the dreaded blisters! I always have a few of these stuffed into my wallet, because you never know when you may need them. Also if anyone around you needs one, you’ll be the hero of the moment.

Hand Sanitizer
I am always packing hand sanitizer. Even if your hands just feel sticky, this can help wonders. I’m always a bit iffy about airplane water honestly, so I rely heavily on sanitizer when I’m traveling. Even just using public transit in my city makes me use it. The horror of watching someone cough all over the pole you need to hold can be pretty traumatizing. Bath and Body Works have my favourite smells. 

This one is pretty self explanatory, but I always bring my wallet with me. I keep my health insurance in there as well as my ID, credit card, Canadian currency, plus the currency of the country I am visiting. Depending on what my plan is, I sometimes carry the address of where I’m going in my wallet as well. 

Again, self explanatory, but also depending on where I’m going. If I am sticking around Canada, then I don’t have it, but when I’m hoping over to another country, then clearly it is a must have unless I fancy turning around and going home. No thanks.

I would love to know what your must haves are! If you have anything I may have missed, I would love for you to let me know, especially if it’s something you think I could benefit using in the future!

*This post is brought to you by Love with Food. I was sent two complimentary boxes for review. However as always, all opinions are my own*

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  • Reply
    Eric || The Bucket List Project
    October 19, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Ok so I would add two silly things but I find a must have:
    1) a Pen! I always bring a pen to the airport because I like to find discarded newspapers and snag the comics & puzzle sections to do the crosswords or word games on the plane!
    2) Earphones – I have occasionally forgotten my earphones and inevitably I get that plane where they have great movies for my 2+ hour flight but they want to sell me earphones and I wont buy them…so I sit there looking at the stupid screen lip reading.

    • Reply
      Amber Primdahl
      November 6, 2016 at 2:28 pm

      Good thought on the pen! It’s always great to carry one with you!
      Of course headphones, how could I forget! I haven’t forgotten mine yet *knock on wood* At least you didn’t forget yours for a long haul flight! I imagine lip reading can only be fun for so long haha

  • Reply
    McCool Travel
    October 19, 2016 at 7:43 am

    Since I only travel with carryon luggage, I bring everything on board. Things I want to have handy, though, on a flight include Bose headphones, water bottle (with charcoal filter so I can fill with tap water), snacks (yum), reading material, paper and pen.

    • Reply
      Amber Primdahl
      November 6, 2016 at 2:29 pm

      I just recommended Bose headphones to my grandma for her a trip she just went on, and she loved them! I’ll have to get a pair myself!

  • Reply
    Ting at MTM
    July 30, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    I would have to agree on your list – and say that it works with kids too – definitely the iPad and snacks! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  • Reply
    Buena Montero
    July 23, 2016 at 12:16 am

    Great list!!! You nailed it:) I carry scarf all the time… it just helps me in anything from plane to the destination:)

  • Reply
    Elizabeth (Wander Mum)
    July 22, 2016 at 2:22 am

    It’s always interesting to see what other travellers take with them in their hand luggage. Hand sanitiser is a must and I always need my lip balm and sunnies. I haven’t heard of the mini toothbrushes before..good idea. Now I have kids, my bag is a lot bigger and filled with a whole load of their stuff! #mondayescpaes

  • Reply
    Brooke of
    July 18, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    All great suggestions. I am constantly reminding myself that food and snacks are a must wherever I go. When my blood sugar drops, it’s not pretty or a fun experience for me! I also think having a few stomach meds are essential if you have a sensitive stomach like mine.

    • Reply
      Amber Primdahl
      August 26, 2016 at 3:17 pm

      Yes, it’s always so good to have some type of a back up snack for the blood sugar. I also started bringing stuff for nausea with me, for just in case purposes!

  • Reply
    Renee Alexis
    July 18, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    That’s a really cute Iphone case 😀

  • Reply
    July 18, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Yes to all of these! It’s so important to take care of yourself!

  • Reply
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    July 18, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    I pretty much take the same stuff:) #monday escapes

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