Books I Can’t Wait to Read

Day 15 of the September blogging challenge. 

I absolutely love reading. I feel like over the past few years when I was in school I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time reading, so this year for my birthday when I made a list of things to accomplish by my next birthday, and on the list was to read at least 10 books! I’ve gotten pretty far into that so far, but here are some of the upcoming books on my “to read” list!

If any of these books appeal to you, feel free to click on the title or image to bring you to the Amazon website. I will earn a percentage with each purchase at no extra cost to you!

1) First Comes Love 
I love Emily Giffin’s  books and I have them all. However it’s not just this book I need to read, I think I am about 3 books behind, so  will have to catch up on them before I get to this one. 

2) How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are 
I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this book, but my curiosity is killing me, so I will have to read it for myself to see how I feel. However from reading previous reviews, I do know to take the book with a grain of salt, so I’m hoping it is peppered with some funny moments. 

3) Leave Your Mark
Since I’m in the business of blogging, I figured this is a good book to get under my belt. It has some great reviews so I’m hoping to learn something that I can put towards my own business practices. 
4) Pretty Happy
I’m not a huge Kate Hudson fan so that’s not what’s motivating me to read this book (not that I have anything against her either). I’ve seen some good reviews of this book, and I’ve flipped through it in the bookstore and am intrigued enough to see what it has to say. 
5) Thrive
Ariana Huffington is something of an idol in the blogging world, since she is the woman who began the Huffington Post. I figure she must have so much wonderful knowledge and life experience to share, so I can’t wait to read this. I’ll be sure to do a review for any of the other bloggers out there when I finish it. 

6) Golden Girls Forever
So I guess this is a bit of a cheeky one for me to add, but I love the Golden Girls! My mom almost bought it for my birthday she told me, but ended up forgoing that idea so I’ll have to bite the bullet and get it for myself. I watch Golden Girls almost daily and these ladies sometimes feel like family to me (I definitely relate to Sophia). I can’t get enough, and meeting Betty White would be a dream come true, but for now I’ll settle for this!



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