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I have been planning my next trip All. Summer. Long. I kid you not. Not a day went by where I wasn’t trying to figure out prices, find the best prices or working to earn my way there. Along the way I have changed my destination and had my traveling companion pull out. But the details are finally solid and the ticket is booked! Next week I head out to New York City!

This will be my first solo trip ever. I have taken a plane alone before, but always had someone waiting for me on the other end. Weirdly enough, I do not find myself nervous or scared. More so excited, which is wonderful! I will be in New York for three days and have crammed as much as I think I can.

I have decided to go to New York for photography. I graduate this year and as a result we make a portfolio to show off at our graduation photo gallery. I want mine to reflect my love and passion of travel. Most people have models, and yes I will have some of that too, but I want to stand out as the only travel photographer in my program, because I am. Since I can’t travel throughout the school year, I wanted to get it done now, plus I can use previously taken photos from other countries I have visited in my time.

I have only been to the USA once before which was when I was nine and my mom and I went to Pennsylvania to visit my God-Parents.

Anyways, I will leave you for now. Be sure to keep up on here and on my Instagram (@travelandpictures) to see up to date info and photos as they happen!


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