Big Changes for 2017

Hey everyone! 

So there are some big changes coming to Travel and Pictures in 2017, and I want your help to curve the path for the year ahead! 

So what’s going on?

Since I am only traveling part time currently, I am wanting to incorporate more lifestyle posts into my blog, but before doing so, I really wanted to know what you, my readers, want to see more of! So I created a very short survey and I would greatly appreciate if you would take a few seconds to head over and fill it out for me hereI really appreciate it! 

Ever since September I’ve been struggling to build my viewership with Instagram because my hashtags stopped working. It affected many accounts and apparently Instagram had no idea what affected it. Over a few months apparently most of the accounts problems were resolved, but unfortunately mine weren’t. I tried to make new accounts but they still wouldn’t work so I just deleted the accounts. Well I tried again yesterday and luckily it is now working. So I am working towards building up this new Instagram account, but I haven’t decided on a new name for it because I will be keeping the original one open (for now). I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve fully made the switch over!

I’m spending a ton of time on Pinterest lately, and I would love if you’d like to follow along! You can find LOTS of travel on my account as well as some lifestyle and quotes, but there is definitely tons of destinations and travel tips and tricks!

I rarely used twitter over the past few years, but now I am excited to say I have been participating more in the Twitter community and am loving the very instant reaction of it all! Example: Checking out people’s live reactions to Mariah Carey’s NYE performance (I checked, because I literally wasn’t understanding what was happening – no hate!) But if you too are an avid Tweeter, let’s be Twitter friends! Click that Twitter button in the upper right of this page!

I feel like vlogging and filming videos doesn’t come at all naturally to me, but if the survey shows that people want more videos, I will be making a much greater effort to make it happen in 2017! Again, to follow along, just click on the YouTube button in the upper left corner!

I can’t wait to hear what you guys are looking forward to seeing this year! Thanks so much for your participation on the survey! 

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