Assignments on Assignments.

We are nearing another midterm, which means I have more assignments to post! For some assignments, we have had to use the photos taken from one class, and incorporate them into a new assignment for another class. We are learning a lot about texture and lighting, and learning to read how other photographers take their pictures. The amount of knowledge learned in this program is invaluable. I am so lucky to have made it this far into the program! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂




This was no one’s favorite assignment. We had to photoshop all of the elements into the photograph, and incorporate our white on white photo into the mix. In this picture, the only original things in here are my toes, loofah and the candle. I had another fun idea, but unfortunately it didn’t work out the way I had envisioned it.




This photo was printed twice on the same sheet of paper to compare the original print settings vs. our new callobrated printer profile. We were allowed to use a past photo as long as it had skin tone, colour and grey. I took the opportunity however, to do a fun portrait shoot!





I was so excited for this shoot. Minimalism after Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Unfortunately last minute my model was unable to make the shoot, so I was able to convince a fellow photog classmate to step in and model for me. I think it turned out well! 🙂


This is a shoot we had to do for our design class! We could do either landscape or urban, so since I had no plans to leave the city right now, I went downtown with a classmate where we decided to brave the cold for our shots. Luckily they all turned out wonderful despite the messy weather!


The most recent shoot I did was a baked goods food shoot. I chose a very textured cranberry bread from Whole Foods. Overall I am very happy with the overall shot, and I was able to get it quickly. I had some problems with the napkin and had to learn how to iron to get two wrinkles out, but couldn’t get the napkin how I wanted it after, so photoshop came to my rescue! 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been up to outside of setting up my new site and reading half a million sites on travel, wishing it was me 😉



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