50 Ways to YAY book review

50 Ways to YAY! Book Review

I had spotted 50 Ways to YAY! a couple of times as I walked around book stores (a favourite past time of mine) but had never thought much to pick it up. Then a few weeks ago I was looking at a few books on the same display shelf so decided to have a flip through. Of course the page I opened up to was something I was needing to hear, so I decided to buy the book to read what knowledge it had inside. 

The first thing I noticed with this book was all of the praise it received. There were some pretty big names on there, so starting off I had high hopes. Inside the book, there are also exercises you can participate in with each chapter, but I wanted to read straight through, so I decided to read it once from beginning to end, then I’ll do it again more slowly and complete the little exercise sections. 

50 Ways to YAY! is definitely an easy and quick book to read, and I found it helpful as far as adjusting my mindset in different scenarios. I feel like it’s a book that not everyone will be interested in, but I think for those wanting to make a shift in their outlook on life, it is a good place to start. I found that Alexi was great at really wording things in a way that they clicked which makes it really helpful and makes the mindset shift that much easier. This book is also a great reminder as to why it is best to try to keep a positive mind which is something that can be easily forgotten when life gets hectic.

50 Ways to YAY book review

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