5 Reasons to Visit Canada in the Winter

I’m sure many of you know about Canada’s notorious winters, maybe you’ve even experienced them yourself. I spent much of this winter out in -30 degree Celsius, and like most Canadians, I wanted to flee to warmer weather. Who would want to be in such a cold climate when there are sandy beaches calling our names? I’m about to tell you why it’s great to have our trademark winters, and why others should come and experience it.

1. It’s Beautiful. Let’s be honest. Watching thick snowflakes falling and hearing the wind howl while you’re snug under a blanket by the fire inside with a warm drink is cozy! I don’t feel like this level of cozy time is really found any other time of year. Even if you have to go out in it, as long as you’re bundled up appropriately you’ll be able to feel the appreciation for the beauty, and maybe do a few snow angels along the way.

2. City Skating. I love the city, and I love how in the winter cities have public skating spaces like Ottawa’s Rideau Canal and Toronto’s City Hall. I think it’s such a nice sense of community, as well as being able to stop and grab a hot chocolate while you’re out getting some fresh air. Much better than an arena!

3. Snow Boarding and Skiing. I personally don’t have much experience in this field, but if this is something you want to try, or something you love, winter in Canada is perfect. Areas like Blue Mountain are wonderful for these sports and are also just beautiful period. So even if you’re like me and don’t go for the outdoor sporting, you will have a gorgeous view with anything else you do there.

4. Snow Days. So this one pretty much just applies to the kiddies of Canada. The joy of finding out your bus or school is cancelled is overwhelming! All of the sudden, you have all of this free time to sleep, stay in pjs, build snowmen and snow forts, or possibly a stroke of luck chance to complete a homework assignment that would have otherwise been due on said snow day.

5. Appreciation. Nothing like the messy winter we’ve been enduring this year makes you more thankful for a day of -10, sunshine, birds chirping, and just the knowledge that spring is soon on its way.

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