5 Free Things to do in Toronto

Day 12 of the September blogging challenge.

I love Toronto so much, and today I’m sharing my favourite 5 places in Toronto that you can visit for free!

1) High Park (Or any other park).
High Park is close to the subway line and has so much beautiful scenery to check out as you stroll. Also in the spring you can come and check out the cherry blossom trees when they bloom!
2) Nathan Philips Square
Why would you want to check out the location of City Hall? Well in the winter they have a wonderful ice rink set up for public use! Think Rockefeller Centre but on a smaller scale.
3) Beaches
Toronto has some really pretty beach areas along the lake that are a great way to spend the day. You’ll have to use your own discretion on whether or not you’d like to venture into the water with Lake Ontario not having the cleanest reputation. 

4) AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)
The AGO is always running interesting exhibits and is always interesting, even the architecture of the building itself is worth having a visit. Typical adult admission is $19.50 CDN, however on Wednesday evenings between 6-9pm admission is free!
5) St. Lawrence Market
The market is in one of my favourite areas of Toronto. Spend some time checking out the market for yourself and when you’re finished, go explore the area and maybe grab a coffee and people watch!

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