3 Tips to Prepare Your Blog for the Holidays

Day 20 of the September blogging challenge. 

With the holiday season not too far away, it’s just about time to think about how to prepare your blog for this. This will be fairly generalized so that any blog niche can benefit from it. 

1) Begin scheduling posts. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, chances are you’re going to be pretty busy during this time. For me, the two weeks leading up to Christmas I enjoy spending more time with family and less time on the internet, so I schedule some posts to go live so that I don’t have to actively be on the blog or my social media outlets. Of course I’ll also post a photo or a tweet here and there when the mood strikes, but it helps me to not feel stressed about having to post something, and it’s more about wanting to post for fun! 

2) Experience Holiday Festivities. Going out to explore Christmas markets or official tree lighting ceremonies can be a lot of fun, as well as give great content for your blog. Take some really great photos, but be sure to spend time really enjoying the moment while you’re there, then recount your experience in a post later! 

3) Try your hand at a holiday craft or recipe. Be sure to share your results in a blog post and invite others to give it a try and to then tag you in their attempts. It’s kind of like you’re experiencing it together! 

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