24 hours in london

24 hours in London

Oh London! After only one visit, it has already stolen my heart and sky rocketed to the top of my favourite cities list.
However, it can be a challenge to see as much as you hope on a limited time schedule, as it is quite large and spread out.
It is possible though, to see a lot of the main attractions in  short amount of time! I’ll give you my personal recommendations on how to see as much as you can if you are limited to 24 hours in London!

First off, I would highly suggest a hop on hop off bus tour such as Big Bus Tours. You can read more about them in my previous review post.  I know that some people are against this method of sight seeing since it is very “touristy”, but I found that it was money well spent. I spent most of my day on the Blue Line, which came with automated commentary, but finished off the day on the Red Line which included live commentary. I decided to use the blue line because their route went out towards Kensington Palace and I couldn’t find another company that went out that far.

The great thing about doing a bus tour, is it gives you a taste of the city and you can choose what you would like to look at in further detail. On this tour, these are my recommendations on what to see in more detail in your 24 hours in London.

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey & The London Eye.
Handily enough, these can all be seen at the same stop as they are very close to one another.
To get here, you can either get off across the street from Big Ben or you can get off at the Tower London stop and take the complimentary river cruise over.
Big Ben
Big Ben
London Eye
London Eye
Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar Square, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace.
The bus can’t stop right outside of Buckingham Palace, but there is a stop nearby which you can use. If you’re in the mood to stretch your legs however, a route I can suggest would be to start by getting off at Trafalgar Square and enjoy people watching from the fountains.
Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square
Then journey on foot over to St James park and take in the beauty of the park. Also another great place to people (and animal) watch. If you’re feeling hungry, you can also enjoy lunch at a restaurant in the park, or curl up under a tree and enjoy a packed lunch from home.
St James Park
Then head out to ‘The Mall’ and let the flags lead you over to Buckingham Palace. You can then hop back on the bus around the corner and continue along your way.
The Mall
Buckingham Palace

Never mind the backtracking this shows, Google had enough of me rearranging it's premade route ;)

Never mind the backtracking this shows, Google had enough of me rearranging it’s pre-made route 😉

With my ticket, I was granted a free day and complimentary river cruise on River Thames. If you have the opportunity to check out London over a 48 hour period, I would highly recommend it, as it will give you more of an opportunity to check out the landmarks in detail and not just from the view of a bus.

Other landmarks worth seeing:
– St. Paul’s Cathedral
– The Shard
– Tower of London
– Tower Bridge
– Kensington Palace
– Madame Tussauds
– All Museums!

What other landmarks (or off the beaten path finds) would you recommend for someone spending 24 hours in London?

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    Sarah Ebner
    October 4, 2015 at 6:19 am

    As a Londoner I would recommend a bus tour or trip down the Thames, especially if you’re short of time! Plus definitely a walk along the South Bank to see the sights. Great pics!

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