24 Goals for 24 Years

The day has come, I turned 23 years old on June 4th. As most, I looked forward to my birthday. I donโ€™t have the same type of countdown I did as a child, but I look forward to knowing the day is more or less a relaxing one. One where I get to choose the pace and activities. I donโ€™t think I will ever get sick of my birthday, no matter what age I turn. And on every birthday, I think of where I want to be in the next year, what I want to accomplish. So without further ado, my list of 24 goals, by age 24!

1. Visit at least one new US State

2. Visit at least one new Canadian Province

3. Visit at least one new European country.

4. Move.

5. Get a new tattoo

6. Participate in the CN Tower Edge Walk

7. Become a morning person โ€“ HA.

8. Make at least one YouTube video of myself singing

9. Attain my full G license

10. Continue success on travelandpictures

11. Graduate with honours

12. Sell at least one photo

13. Do Pilates AT LEAST 3x EVERY WEEK.

14. Go for a walk at least 5x a week.

15. Go to a Denmark hockey game in Toronto

16. Go to at least one Jay game.

17. Fall in love ๐Ÿ˜‰

18. Buy new furniture

19. Go to the movie theatre alone

20. Take a yoga class

21. Take a solo trip

22. Start saving money

23. Attend TBEX Cancun

24. Go to a musical

And there you have it! I will update this page as I accomplish the points on this list ๐Ÿ™‚


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