2015 Summary

I have to say that overall I was pretty happy with 2015. As with any year of life, there were ups and downs, but it was a large year in terms of my personal growth and starting new chapters. Continue reading to see the biggest moments of my 2015. (In chronological order)

1. April 2015. I had the wonderful opportunity of having my work hang in an art gallery! It was a part of my college program, and we got to have up to three pieces hang, as well as show our portfolios that we had worked on. It was amazing to see two years come together into one night, and I couldn’t have been with better peers during this experience.

2. May 2015. In May, I treated myself to my first overseas solo trip for graduation! This was a huge move for me, and I couldn’t believe how much fun I had and how at home I felt. It also helped to boost my confidence knowing that I was able to do this type of trip alone. Also, London and the WB Studio Tour have been on my bucket list for a long time, so glad I had this opportunity.
549308_897704636937975_1617828567320374320_n London-323-1080x721
3. June 2015. I GRADUATED! The day finally came, and I graduated from college in a career that I love! Huge personal accomplishment!
11040928_899666276741811_270315773463639776_n 1554464_899666496741789_8420711812411199625_n
4. Also in June, I took a road trip to Provincetown Massachusetts. This was my first trip to a beach destination, and I fell in love with the ocean. I also challenged myself by going whale watching since I’m afraid of whales. I’m really glad I had that experience and love the photos I was able to get from it!
10403590_907016909340081_4667532035868738549_n 11059320_907017302673375_5714199785947837307_n
5. September 2015. I took some time in September to enjoy the weather and explored more of my city. I should be doing this much more, but it’s a start!
12043154_949806108394494_8887563691777944996_n 12119928_961800213861750_1994455686792773384_o
6. October 2015. In the beginning of October, I ventured on another road trip, this time to Vermont. Seeing the rolling hills changing colours is a must for anyone’s bucket list. Although because of the above seasonal temperatures, the peak colours were running behind, but we still got quite the colour show from mother nature in some areas! Also on this trip, I milked a cow! Love random happenings while traveling!
12031581_964967413545030_328539434801853876_o 12113417_964968153544956_2033617662524283758_o
7. At the end of October, one of my closest friends got married! This was my first time being a guest at a wedding as an adult, so believe it or not there were some learning curves. Plus I was the only one I knew without a plus one, so hello social anxiety. All in all, I am so glad I went and had a blast!
8. December 2015. The last of my adventures this year, I had a girls trip to Vegas with one of my best. This was my first girls trip and it was so much fun! Plus my friend is also a photographer, so it was great that she was super understanding of my need to photograph everything around me! She was actually very helpful in helping me see things to photograph that I wouldn’t have thought of.

So that is the summary of my 2015! What were you up to this year? What was your favourite memory? I would love to read about your experiences!

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    Jenn @ The Art of Better
    January 19, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Congrats on your first solo trip abroad! That alone is a massive accomplishment.

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